HRMI: In-Depth Discussion on the Planned Usage of Biometric Data is Necessary

2006 01 26

On 26 January 2006, Human Rights Monitoring Institute has released a public statement addressing the problems related to the planned introduction of biometric data in personal documents. The statement emphasizes the risks for human rights associated with this measure and questions the reliability of biometric data as a means for personal identification.  
The parliament has received for consideration the package of legal acts that introduces biometric data in Lithuanian passports. Proposed legal regulations also allow collection and storage of biometric data in the population register.

In the public statement signed by Henrikas Mickevicius,  HRMI points out that the general public is not sufficiently informed about the consequences of the planned measure. In particular, public should be informed about the impact these measures will have on the human right to respect for private life. HRMI calls on relevant state institutions to refrain from the one-sided information campaign that emphasizes only the advantages of the biometric passports, especially as the praised reliability and effectiveness of biometric data for the enhacement of personal security is questionable.

Full text of the public statement (in Lithuanian) can be found here.

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